Lesley-Ann Armstrong

A qualified Physiotherapist and experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer from Ireland. Lesley-Ann started her incredible fitness journey with NABBA in 2010, quickly becoming Miss Trained Figure World Champion 2012 before moving to the WBFF and achieving her Figure Diva Pro card in 2014 which was held in Las Vegas.  2016 saw her take USN Bodypower Classic Champion and challenging the big Pro titles with the Best of the Best within the UKBFF Federation. Lesley-Ann is highly driven and passionate about training and healthy living. She has achieved phenomenal success in her career and is passionate about sharing her extensive experience to help her clients get the bodies they’ve only ever dreamt off.

My Programmes:

Having pushed the absolute limits myself, I know what works and how to get optimum results from diet and supplements. Training and exercise clearly plays a part of it and particularly where building muscle is concerned but for getting toned and shredding fat, it’s the diet programme and supplement mix that gets 90% of the results.  My weight loss and bikini programmes are hugely popular and like all my programmes, you will see exceptional results in just 4 to 8 weeks!

What’s included: With every programme you will receive:

  • A complete supply of personally recommended protein and nutrition supplements designed for the objectives of your programme.
  • A personally developed and tailored cardiovascular and weight training regime to fit round your life (less than an hour a day!).
  • A personally developed and complete weekly nutrition and meal schedule.
  • Access to support via our online support team.
  • Access to EXTREVO club promotions, new features and offers
  • Your personal referral EXTREVO RGC (Reward Generator Code)

Any questions get in touch with us at support@EXTREVO.com

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